What others have to say about Andi Kay…

Andy is the best trainer ever. I love checking her Facebook because she always posts health tips, exercises and healthy recipes for dinner and desserts. She is also very motivating. I am always sore the next day whenever I see her so I know she is pushing me as hard as I can go. I see results after about a week of seeing her and I know I am getting my money’s worth. She is very flexible with her schedule and can train 2 people at once but pays attention to both of them the same amount. She is the best 🙂 –Alexa G.

I like Andi’s whole manner of coaching and training–professional, competent, friendly, enthusiastic and continually coming up with new ideas and approaches. I’ve been with Andi for ten years and feel as energized as the first day! I think she is very attuned to women’s health issues and needs, particularly the mature woman. Andi is great at knowing her client and keeping sessions on time and appropriately guided. She is punctual and stays current in her field by continuing education. –Minna G.

Andi is so cheerful and in great shape! I have been training with Andi for about five years. Andi is also my “safety valve”–with Andi coming to my house, I am sure I am going to do the exercises! If you want to improve your health and keep your body feeling and looking younger, call Andi! She also is full of tips for a healthier lifestyle. I love her cooking ideas! –Toni P.

I have been working out with Andi for two years now and LOVE it!! I have never looked forward to working out but she does make it fun. Our sessions work all my muscle groups yet keep my cardio up. Since I have been working with her my body is definitely more toned in areas that never were.  She is not only knowledgeable about exercise, she has even helped me rehab through injuries. She has really been helpful when my back acts up and is quick to change up our workout when needed. Our workouts are always different which I love because I never know what she is going to make me do that day. I’m NEVER bored of the “same old!” Her knowledge of nutrition is endless and she is always advising me in that area. Plus, she is a great cook with lots of nutritional recipes! Finally, and most important, her happy, positive attitude is a pleasure and uplifting to anyone! –Vicki H.

I have used Andi as a trainer for eight years. She is a great trainer, constantly adjusting the workouts to fit my ever-changing needs. Andi’s upbeat personality coupled with her knowledge of fitness and nutrition, have been instrumental in changing my lifestyle. She makes working out fun and productive! –Kelly C.

What a great trainer. She works hard at making the workout difficult, but also productive, and not monotonous! The athletic stretching at the end REALLY helps old guys like me minimize my aches and pains. Andi is by far the best trainer I’ve ever used. –Barry F.

Andi is an incredible trainer! Her workouts are perfectly planned, efficient and most of all fun while getting the job done. She is able to incorporate cardio, strength, yoga and pilates into one workout … AMAZING!! I highly recommend her! –Robin B.

Andi had changed my life and the way I eat. Her positive attitude and her incredible knowledge have helped me lose 25 pounds. She is professional and works with each of her clients to help them reach their goals. –Anonymous


Andi was very encouraging to me when I embarked on dating again in my 60’s as a new widow.  I was nervous and anxious, but Andi reassured me that dating at this new stage of my life would be enriching and interesting. She was right. I met a great guy. I’m grateful for her encouragement. –Rhoda F.